Fact: A Snakebit President

Mr. Obama is starting to look unlucky, and–file this under Mysteries of Leadership–that is dangerous for him because Americans get nervous when they have a snakebit president. They want presidents on whom the sun shines. CLICK HERE to read more.

Fact: RNC video chides Obama on Gulf oil spill

In response to President Obama's first-ever Oval Office address to the nation, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele has launched a video attack on the White House's handling of the Gulf oil spill -- and he's hoping it will go viral. CLICK HERE to Watch Video

Fact: The President Does a Jones Act

President Obama has repeatedly said his Administration is doing everything in its power to expedite the oil clean-up and mitigate the damage. But in the two weeks immediately after the spill, 13 foreign governments reached out and offered their assistance. The U.S. response? Thanks, but no thanks. CLICK HERE to read article

Fact: A Disaster for the Gulf Coast, A Disaster for Obama