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The Trouble With Obamacare

Four years ago, Obama promised the following about healthcare: “if we fail to act, one out of every five dollars we earn will be spent on health care within a decade.” A horrible prospect, so it’s no wonder that so many people got on board with the Affordable Care Act, and that is was passed within the year.

However, there’s one small problem with the President’s “solution:” it has created exactly the problem he warned against.

From The Washington Examiner:

“On Wednesday, CMS actuaries released their latest projections, finding that by 2022, health spending will rise to 19.9 percent of gross domestic product — or almost exactly one out of five dollars, which is what Obama warned it would be without action. Over the course of the next decade, according to projections, the law will boost health spending by $621 billion over the next decade compared to what it otherwise would have been. That’s right – the status quo Obama derided as “unsustainable” when selling his health care program would have been less costly than what he’s currently imposing on the nation.”

So, with this knowledge at hand, it seems obvious why House Republicans are pushing to defund Obamacare.

However, the GOP may very well be picking the wrong arena for this battle. There is seemingly no best-case scenario to this strategy. Karl Rove said it well in The Wall Street Journal:

“House Republicans could pass a bill that funds the government while killing all ObamaCare spending. But the Democratic Senate could just amend the measure to restore funding and send it back to the House. What then? Even the defund strategy's authors say they don't want a government shutdown. But their approach means we'll get one.

After all, avoiding a shutdown would require, first, at least five Senate Democrats voting to defund ObamaCare. But not a single Senate Democrat says he'll do that, and there is no prospect of winning one over.”

So, why push? At this point we know that Democrats are simply enjoying the show, and Obama would love nothing more than to be able to blame a government shutdown on Republicans. It seems that, although the House Reps have good reason, and plenty of support, for wanting to strip Obamacare of its funding, stalling and pushing the government to a shutdown can only lead to trouble for the party, especially in the short run in the 2014 mid-term elections.

We hope that they’ll come around to this truth and figure out a better setting to knock Obamacare out.

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