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RightChange: The GOP Should Stand Firm Against Bad Policy

How many more beatings do Republicans need to get before they learn how to take a position and stand firm? Forget the failure to message correctly, we’ve got a bigger problem on our hands. This is the Grand Ole Party, not the party of timid defensive players. President Obama and his fellow party are demanding we increase taxes on the job creators of this country that will fund the government for FOUR DAYS without any guaranteed spending cuts is outrageous. The fact that we have a Republican party that appears to be ok with this is even more outrageous. We’re in a $16.34 trillion debt (that Obama owns most of) and it’s somehow acceptable to discuss a tax hike that pays for 4 days worth of government spending? Apparently so.

Dr. Milton R. Wolf wrote a recent op-ed for the Washington Times saying that Democrats tax hike is proof that they have no serious intention to solve our economic crisis:

“These are pathologically unserious people. Their goal is not to solve the current fiscal crisis. Their goal is to use the crisis to grow government and further their statist agenda, which, incidentally, created the crisis in the first place. Recall Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s unmasked moment of clarity: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Now, in hopes of enacting their panacea of tax increases, Democrats offer spending cuts that everyone knows never will happen. What’s worse, the president calls for $255 billion in more spending. Only a Democrat would claim increased spending will reduce the deficit, and only a Republican would fall for it.

The Democrats’ lust for tax increases goes far beyond simple class warfare, as atrocious as that alone is. Democrats are fully aware that the rich already are paying more than their fair share. The wealthy (top 10 percent) may earn 50 percent of the income, but they pay 70 percent of the federal taxes. If that’s not fair, what is? Eighty percent? One hundred percent?”

He then argues that Republicans should do exactly what they did during Obamacare: refuse to support bad policy and allow Democrats to take the blame for it. We couldn’t agree more. Boehner ought to tell his party and fellow Americans that taxing those that already pay 70% of all federal income taxes more to pay for four days worth of spending is unacceptable. Let the Democrats explain to voters how we really weren’t one tax hike away from a booming economy.

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