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RightChange: Obama’s Reckless Spending Shrinks the Pentagon

Jimmy Carter must have been tickled to see yesterday’s announcement from President Obama.  He unveiled his plan to reduce the size of our military, marking the largest shift in Defense in the past decade.  He celebrated the addition of 200,000 jobs to our economy last month after announcing he would be firing thousands of our troops.  Say goodbye to our superpower status and hello to the era of a deadbeat nation.

We have to figure out a way to pay for handouts somehow and doing it on the back of Defense has long been a goal of the Progressive agenda.  Part of the deal that gave Obama the highest debt ceiling raise ever meant risking our national security to do so.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stood alongside Obama yesterday as he detailed the downsize, including replacing our troops with drones:

“Cyberwarfare and unmanned drones would continue to grow in priority, as would countering attempts by China and Iran to block U.S. power projection capabilities in areas like the South China Sea and the Strait of Hormuz.

But the size of the U.S. Army and Marines Corps would shrink. So too might the U.S. nuclear arsenal and the U.S. military footprint in Europe.”

There will also be cuts to our selected weapons systems, salaries and benefits from military personal, and cuts an estimated amount of 500,000 troops over 10 years.  Right as Obama celebrates the latest jobs report, he cuts half a million jobs for the troops.  Hooray!  We added 200,000 jobs this month at the same time we put 500,000 people that ensure our freedom out of work.

As if this slap in the face to our military wasn’t enough, Obama proposed a .5% pay increase for government workers the very day after he announced the men and women of our military’s would get a pay cut.  Despite his failure to present any plan of his own, Obama has called for a balanced approach to reducing our deficit. Some balance.  In the coming weeks, the specific numbers of cuts to Defense will be revealed and we should hold Obama accountable.

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