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RightChange: Boehner’s “Plan B” Gets a Quick Rejection

When Charles Krauthammer argued that Obama’s fiscal cliff plan was “nothing but a power play,” we agreed. After he demanded Republicans give him everything he wanted and Harry Reid refused to vote on everything Obama wanted, it was clear that Obama and the Democrats wanted Americans to go over the cliff so that they could blame Republicans. Today’s news is just another example of how unserious Obama and his fellow Democrats are about a deal and how intent they are on dividing Republicans.

Speaker Boehner laid out a plan that gave President Obama all of the tax increases he wanted in exchange for, well..nothing:

“Mr. Boehner said the plan would include legislation to extend current income-tax rates for all people earning $1 million or less a year, mirroring the latest offer from Republicans to the White House over the weekend. The speaker's "Plan B," as he called it, was immediately rejected by the White House and Senate Democrats.

An aide to Mr. Boehner said the legislation, which was announced at a closed-door meeting of the House Republican Conference Tuesday morning, was designed to be a "precautionary measure to ensure taxes don't rise for most Americans on Jan. 1."

It doesn't include any spending cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare or Social Security, the aide said, noting that House Republicans have already approved legislation that would shift the $55 billion in defense cuts scheduled to start in January to other areas of domestic spending in the federal budget.”

This plan was actually endorsed by Pelosi back in May, which speaks volumes and the fact that the White House immediately rejected the offer backs up Krauthammer’s claim the Obama’s sole intent is to divide and conquer Republicans. The bigger issue at hand is what is going on with Republicans. Did the Obama smack down in November not teach them anything?

They need to band together and call Obama out for what he’s doing. They need to go on the Today Show every morning and say, “The President’s tax hike funds our government for four days. We’ll go off the cliff before we agree to that. Sorry we’re not sorry.” If the President were as serious about a compromise as he says he is, he would have accepted the Republicans first offer. It’s clear he’s not, so it’s time for Republicans to stand up and fight for something a little better than an automatic tax hike on the taxpayers who create jobs for our economy.

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