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Right Change: Republican Plan B Fails, What Next?

Republicans pulled their “Plan B” tax bill off the floor late Thursday night citing lack of support to raise taxes on millionaires and extend them for everyone else. Now it’s time for President Obama and his fellow Democrats to either act or own the fiscal cliff.

As Boehner and McConnell both said yesterday, Democrats have shot down all of their fiscal cliff offers. First, Boehner offered to raise revenue by $800 billion by closing loopholes and Obama said there’s no way he would sign that law unless it included actual tax hikes. Boehner came back to the President with raising taxes on everyone making $1 million, instead of $250,000 and up. The President said no on that as well.

What Obama wanted was almost $2 trillion in tax hikes, no guaranteed spending cuts, and an immediate increase in spending. Harry Reid wouldn’t even bring Obama’s plan to the floor for a vote. So now we are stuck with a Republican House that continues to propose fiscal cliff offers and a Democratic Senate and President who refuse to compromise. It’s also worth mentioning that the offers they are refusing to compromise on were plans both Obama and Pelosi endorsed last year in May.

Boehner went out on a limb and broke a commitment and belief that Republicans do not believe in raising taxes to negotiate with Obama and Obama offered him nothing. We’ve been saying all along the Obama’s intention was to divide Republicans and let them own the fiscal cliff. It’s high time the GOP learns how to message to America that the Democrats can own the fiscal cliff. You have a Senate who has failed to pass a budget in four years, a President who has failed to offer the country anything more than a massive tax hike on the job creators in this country, and a Republican House who have offered proposal after proposal. Let’s also keep in mind that this tax hike funds the government for less than a week. Yep, the Democrats can own this fiscal cliff. Boehner should tell Obama and the Democrats to either act or own.

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